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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 10, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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untampered joy. fbn, because not even the sun can burn us out. and now, new and improved with retson. see you tonight. no spots. hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfield along with kevin van der perren, bob beckel, and she wants got locked inside a minibar, it's dana perino. this is "the five." >> every year it comes in pairs. cpac and the media's mockery of cpac. >> do you remember the bar scene in star wars with all those wild eyed creatures from every part of the solar system? today, here in washington, the whole tapestry of weirdness was re-enacted at the annual convention, something called cpac, and cpac is the far out sharing space with the even further out. a place for the crazy car to fill up with the usual suspects, cruz and paul and rubio and
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bobby jindal. >> star wars bar. that's a real original metaphor. i think i used it like 30 times. you never see the press attack liberal gatherings, but that's because looters never target their own home. so the conservative gathering cpac is called a freak show by those who should be extra careful slinging such mud. chris matthews calling someone crazy. he's so nuts if he ate a snickers bar, it would be cannibalism, but the media mocked cpac for one reason, it's a proxy for a larger group of people they despise, but they don't know. it's in colonic waiting rooms and this hate is fear of opposing views. perhaps because their own views sag with doubt. let's just assume cpac is odder than david gregory's hair. so what? weird people rule, if only to let us know we're not so weird. weird people also take risks. that makes them uncool.
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rebels don't really look like james dean. renegades usually look like this. politics attract the odd. as a refugee from the left, i would say there's more there. being crazy is so common, not being crazy makes you crazy. cpac is fractious, fiery, and at times nuts. so what? if markets discussing mandatory minimums and talking about race without smears of bigotry is weird, then may the weird inherit the earth. just leave the buttons and bumper stickers to the left. dana, you were overly excited about this monologue. you said, i have a great idea. what was it? >> now that you built it up, i don't know that i will be able to meet the expectations. what i was thinking is the left has two cpacs, and they happen in the winter. the golden globes and the oscars. no one thinks they're crazy. they have a red carpet and everything. >> that a good one. >> thank you. mondays. thank you. cpac is base firing, right?
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i think one of the things people -- everybody sees the speeches and they look for who is going to get a slot, who will get invited, who will speak, but the speeches were good this year. the most interesting stuff happens in the breakout sessions. that's where you learn new tactics for get out the vote, different types of tools to get out the message, and other debates like mentioned on mandatory minminimums, things happening all throughout the conference that don't happen on stage in the speeches. >> people talk about how conservatives all think alike. here it's evidence that it's fractious, people argue. what's wrong with that? >> it's interesting. first of all, i want to congratulate rand paul and ted cruz, my man coming in second. that tick would be a phenomenal ticket. there's a study out by a republican political analyst that's very revealing. something i have been saying for a long time. the tea party and that group is not the base, in your monologue you suggested this was a vast
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majority of people. about 50% -- you didn't? i'm sorry. if you didn't, i interpreted it that way. republicans consider themselves somewhat conservative. 20% consider themselves very conservative secular or fundamentalists. what you're seeing here is a small percentage of the republican party, but they keep pushing it out. they get a lot of attention. more power to them. let it go on for months. >> there's always been a libertarian element to c pac and the conservative movement. this year, it's bigger than it has been. >> it's a place to take risks, yes, and some did, some didn't. but most importantly, it's the place where new ideas are formed. my notes were right there. they were forming new ideas. if bob is right and cpac and the like aren't the base, well, they darn well should be the base. >> they're part of the base. >> they should be because they're the young people, as greg pointed it out, libertarian
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leaning, smaller government, sure, lower taxes, yes, but also some of the other issues that no one wants to talk about, privacy, things like that. i'm completely, completely impressed with the way these people turned out with the enthusiasm that they turned out. the left would love to have a group of young people that energized as the group at cpac, and i'm not just kissing their butts. i think the winner, whoever wins on the republican side, is who is able to get those people and also do some of the other big picture republican type things. >> i have a comment about that. that's what i'm curious about, whether this time they'll translate the momentum, the energy, the youth, the enthusiasm, to a point where it can go the distance. last year, what's going to make this year different than the last time when he was able to win, you know, at cpac, right? can they energize the base? >> i want to show the straw poll results which had rand paul way
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up in front with 31%. then ted cruz, dr. ben carson coming in third. >> there you go. >> and then that guy, what's his name? christie. i know, i was joking. the producer goes it's chris christie. i was kidding. so kimberly. what does this say? is this -- does this have any relevance? too early? >> i like it because it actually shows a very interesting range that i think is good for the party. you have someone who is a free thinker that has come forward to be a dynamic speaker like dr. ben carson who has really connected with people. you have rand paul, also making a strong showing, again. he has a very motivated base. they're really dedicated to him, and they know how to get out there. that's a powerful yet untapped source for the republican party. but will his followers if he's not the nominee go over to a guy like christie? that's the problem. maybe they'll go to someone else like a ben carson. >> has ever somebody who won the cpac straw poll gone on to be
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the nominee? >> his dad, ron paul. >> barry goldwater, every nominee of the republican party has been from the established conservative wing. the majority of the republican party -- >> but how do they get those guys? >> you say carry the momentum forward, it's a small group of people who get a lot of attention. are you kidding me? how has it worked out for the right with all these moderate republicans? >> if you try to put it in the hands of a right winger, what happens? >> you get ronald reagan. >> he wasn't -- >> they don't get to the point where you have a strong voiced conservative to go up against a democrat. go up against a liberal. >> i like the diversity i'm seeing. >> diversity. that's the important thing. >> i like cruz, i like ben carson. that's important for the republican party. >> before we move on to the russian piece, this is george will talking about the media coverage of the conservative republican thing. >> is the gop getting any closer to a clarifying moment here?
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>> i certainly hope not. it's mouch more interesting when they're drawing with one another. the conservative movement can't win in this argument because if they're harmonious, the media says stultifying, monochrome, oppressive, no diversity. then when they argue with each other, they say cry havoc and dogs of civil war in the republican party. it's perfect nonsense. >> perfect nonsense. >> i thought that was a reassuring thing to hear from someone like george will who knows a lot about it. you have somebody with that kind of observation skills -- >> nice observational skills. >> is it observational? >> if you go back and look at the history of the republican party, this split has been going on for a long time. started with roosevelt versus taft. every step of the way, there's always been a very conservative member of the republican party who has contested for the presidency. and only one time that i can remember, and that would be rockefeller -- i mean goldwater
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and it's because rockefeller was the principle opponent, have they ever been successful. >> everyone, the left is doing it, and some people on the right are doing it, too. they're talking, and i actually bought into this for a while, there's a split between the republican party in the far right and the center right, and rand paul points this he says it's less of that than a bunch of individuals who are not all right, far right, or centrist right. they have their own ideology. it's not two factions of the republican party. it's like 15 legitimate candidates that any one of them if the whole base and some of the establishment got behind them, would give hillary a run for her money. >> they're going to have to be persuasive. they threw out a lot of red meat and funny lines, great sound bites, but that doesn't necessarily always translate to persuasion that gets people to donate money and certainly hasn't brought people to the polls. >> i wanted to ask eric. you think any of those people --
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>> no one in the world saw barack obama beating hillary clinton at this point in time. would the left love to have 10 or 15 legitimate candidates from the right? >> we would like everyone who spoke at that convention. i would start with ted cruz. >> it's the party on the move up. >> i would rather have choices than be basically given a candidate. >> bob has a point. you haven't seen that big one come through yet. we have a -- we still have that, you know dpaesh. >> is it coming? >> let's talk about ukraine real quick. dick cheney was on, i think it was cbs with charlie rose, talking about barack obama and ukraine. >> i think that cutting the defense budget in significant ways right now is a serious mistake. it certainly sends a signal that we are not interested in
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protecting our global interests. >> do you believe that president putin believes that president obama is weak? >> i don't think there's no question. he believes he is weak. i also think he hasn't got any credibility with our allies. >> kg, what do you make of that? >> very interesting interview. i paid attention when i hear cheney speak and gates speak. to me, they have a lot of connections. they talk to people on a regular, daily basis that are making moves and deciding things in this right now. an important point that cheney said is that europeans got very irritated with the way the situation in syria was handled. that put a lot of doubt in their mind with respect to dealing with president obama when that looked like it was a go situation. he stepped back. that's inconsistency, it lacks stability. it doesn't breed confidence and faith in somebody you have to work side by side with. >> i thought cheney had a heart problem. i didn't know he had a neck problem, too. >> that was gates.
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>> i know, then cheney. but first of all, cheney, when he talks about the allies, he talks to the right of most of the parliaments he's talking about. look, the one thing gates said i thought was most important and everybody should keep in mind is that they ought to rally around the president's situation. >> one more thing that you and i both spoke about. when asked about the crimean region. he said it's gone. it's gone. by the way, the crimean people, the people who live in the area, want to be part of russia. they don't want to be part of ukraine. >> i don't think it's fair to them to say that. there's a pew poll that came out done from them a year ago with 65% of them saying they did not want to be part of russia. i don't think we can sit here in new york city and say, okay, they want to be a part of russia. >> crimea? >> yeah. >> of ukraine? >> of crimea. maybe something has changed in a year, but i just don't know if we're in a position to be able to say what they actually want.
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i thought last night on "60 minutes" when they talked about ukraine and what happened in the square in kiev and the opulence of the mansion the former president fled from, that was really about -- that was finally talking about what the people really want. >> yeah. >> i thought that was refreshing. >> that was a good piece. >> can i add this piece? ingermany and the eu isn't interested in defending crimea from the russians, why should we? >> what next? everybody is cool. you think putin -- that will be it? >> i would be surprised if he went any further. >> let's end there. >> up next, the massive search for the jet plane that vanished from the sky in asia. it's been nearly three days and the mystery is deepening, ahead.
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hours since malaysia airlines
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flight 370 disappeared over the skies of the south china sea. loved ones of the 239 passengers and crew are still waiting anxiously for any news on what happened. there were three americans onboard that jet including an ibm executive from texas. his brothers james and tom spoke to reporters about how they're holding up. >> christ is what pulled us together. it's how we're dealing with it. to be honest with you, it's a little surreal. we' we're still in shock. >> he was a man of his word. just a wonderful guy. he loved us and was very generous with his -- with his money and his time and his love. and took care of people without anybody knowing about it. >> well, there's no evidence yet that terrorism was involved, but it hasn't been ruled out, especially with the discovery that two passengers got on that plane with false passports. here's peter king. >> i can tell you that every effort is being made to find out
2:19 pm
who they are, especially since we're talking about malaysian, which has been a hub of al qaeda activity in the past. there was a meeting there prior to the attack on the uss cole in 2000. any number of 9/11 hijackers went through malaysia. >> a lot of information coming in over the weekend about this. certainly some speculation. we're going to give you what we know since it's an ongoing investigation, but dana, this is really kind of a shrewd of mystery. they can't rule out terrorism at this point. it seems you might be able to find a plane if there were significant remnants of one that large. gr we should all pray it was an accident or there was a mechanical carer, because the alternative, if it's terrorism, is a chilling situation. and for lots of different reasons, right? it instills fear. you have lost innocent life. and you are in a situation right now where the world allies need to be working together very closely on intelligence matters
2:20 pm
to share information and to do so in an open way. where they have a lot of trust, and over the last two weeks, we certainly have not seen that with some of the most important allies we have. >> very good point. eric, where does this investigation going from here with some of the terrorism aspects of it they're exploring? >> this is what is crazy. the two stolen -- the people who boarded the plane with stolen passports. those tickets were purchased with cash and not by the two passengers. by an iranian named mr. ali. however, let me take this side of the argument. there are those, my wife included, who are hoping it's terrorism for this reason. because if a plane that is only 15 years or so old, which is a very short period in their life span, in very good condition, can fall out of the sky and vanish and not be found for three days, some of the older planes, which a vast majority of our fleet are much older -- >> your wife doesn't like to fly. >> she hates to fly. i'm not making light of this.
2:21 pm
we can fix terrorism. i'm not sure we can fix planes blowing up arbitrarily over the sea. >> both are daunting outcomes. neither is good. you have children, my son was asking me, what happened? how can a plane just drop out of the air like that? did it blow up, did it explode. did somebody take it? thereerize arlot of questions and it's a frightening situation. people talked about lockerbie. what do you think? >> the lockerbie -- it's interesting, when lockerbie blew up, it scattered debris in a 50 square mile area from 30,000 feet. in this case, there's been nothing found which indicates to me it may not have been blown out of the sky. that doesn't mean the terrorists didn't take over the cabin and put it straight into the water. the incident, as eric pointed out, not only did he buy them in cash, he bought from the same agency before. he had a business in thailand. when i was in thailand, second to the number one business, the
2:22 pm
oldest profession, the second business was you can buy passportses stolen in bank clgk. you take those and put them together, this guy is living in iran. there's a reason to assume, at least a investigation of terrorism. >> meeting in malaysia before 9/11 as well. the disappearance of this plane, greg, was sudden and cataclysmic. it had reached 30,000 feet and all of a sudden vanishes. >> and it's dumbfounding we have no record of it because we think we can record every. there's a couple of points i want to make. it creates priorities in the news. we're talking about climate change and russian politician muscle flexing. this knocks everything off because it affects everybody. it creates a hierarchy of priorities. what we know is inversely proportional to what we say being on tv. we have to keep talking about something without knowing anything. the question is who would bomb a
2:23 pm
malaysian plane on the way to china? who has the capability? who has the motive? right now, there is almost seemingly no motive unless it would be something like a dry run. if it works, it makes it harder to do it next time. >> a security breach, being able to do it in that area of the world. it provides an opportunity -- >> just quick, air france lost a plane over the south atlantic. it took two years to find it. this will be a long process, and greg is right, it's something you can conjecture about it all you want, you can say it may be terrorism. you can't rule it out, but you can't rule anything out at this stage in the game. >> very disturbing, also the communications seized. there was nothing to go on. >> it could be something we have never experienced before. that's the most disturbing thing. >> right. >> what are you talking about? >> a new kind of terrorism, whether it's used by -- weren't there passengers who checked in
2:24 pm
who never boarded? >> five. >> maybe they never showed up, period, which is okay. there weren't checked bags. >> they feel lucky. >> next, a new dose of hypocrisy from harvey weinstein, plus, video has surfaced from justin bieber's deposition last week, and it's not good. >> have you ever talked to selena gomez and discussed your feelings about the paparazzi with her? >> don't ask me about her again. don't ask me about her again. don't ask me about her again. >> coming up. here in philadelphn access a philly cheesesteak anytime, day or night. just like you can access geico anytime, day or night. there is only one way to celebrate this unique similarity. witness the cheesesteak shuffle.
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all right the fastest seven mns goes hollywood with the bieber, lindsay, the rehab queen, and the billionaire harvey weinstein. three interstaentertaining stor int energetic minutes. justin bieber has no respect for the american justi system. check out these videos of the biebs being deposed. >> remember earlier today when i asked you -- >> no. >> why don'tia listen to what i have to say first. then maybe you'll tell me. >> i don't have to listen. >> have you ever disciplined him? >> disciplined. what kind of question is that? is he my son? >> answer the question. >> guess what? i don't recall. >> you take this one, dana. we want to smack him a little
2:30 pm
bit. that's a deposition. >> and the thing is, for the fastest seven, there's three topics. i have a lot for the first one and a lot for the third one. i'm a blank slate when it comes to justin bieber. >> that's the american justice system. kimberly, does he have to be respectful? >> of course, he should be respectful. then again, some lawyers aren't respectful, either, the way they conduct themselves. >> are you alluded to the fact he was going for the sound bite, this lawyer? >> i don't know. i wasn't in the room for the whole thing, although i would have liked to have been. it's very interesting. he's acting snotty nosed for sure, but some of the questions are ridiculous, like discipline. he's right, discipline is what a parent does to a child. >> he's immature, sulking, defiant. he could run for president. >> he has good hair. >> i can't stand him, but i kind of agree with kimberly. the guy was asking purposely, he's asking about ex-girlfriends
2:31 pm
and he's doing this. he was doing it, and look -- >> how could you not love the biebs? >> by the way, depositions are awful. and i never would have done that. i -- >> bob. >> i have never seen a personality go this quickly from being one of the widely acclaimed heartthrobs of america, and then it seems to me in a matter of months he's taken this turn and become an evil young man. michael jackson took two decades for that to happen to him. this kid is not going to last. >> the rehab queen lindsay lohan just four days out of her latest rehab stint, talking about this being her last shot. listen. >> it does take kind of getting to a really scary place. you think you can handle everything, but really, no, you can't. there's nothing left in having a drink for me. what's left in that feeling? maybe like trying the other way for me, which is, you know, living with integrity and living
2:32 pm
in control of my own self. that's the life i want now. >> bobby, talk about her reality show, just days out of rehab. >> i fund it absolutely stunningly bad. not the reality show, but the idea you would take somebody 90 days out of rehab and put her on a reality show. she says she wants control of her own life. she has no control of her own life. a disease has control of her. left to this pattern people put her out there and play off her personality is going to kill her before she's 30 years old. >> there's a sign, a light, you're in a vulnerable time, post rehab with multiple stints in rehab. i wish her the best, i pray for her, but i think she needs to money so she's putting herself in this position. she's still in crisis. >> a lot of people out there are watching going, we're struggling in america. we're having a tough time. we're trying to raise our kids right, and seeing a moron like
2:33 pm
this who had chance after chance after chance, and now we have to watch her on tv. >> you know what i love? her voice. she can qualify for old lady roles in movies. her voice is raspier than marge simpson's sisters. >> i don't think it's going to end well. however, if there's some sexism, we don't mind it if guys do this thing. >> like charlie sheen. >> i certainly do. >> dana, your thoughts? >> i hope it's true, all the things she says she wants for herself, i hope that comes true. i think a reality show is a very strange way to get it. that's where you don't have control of your life. that's where you have everybody else focusing on you and you're under the spotlight all the time. maybe she thinks that's the best way to keep from drinking. >> date her, bob. >> finally, hollywood and hypocrisy are common bed fellows. the latest example, harvey weinstein has a huge supporter, was a huge supporter of
2:34 pm
president obama's bloated budgets, but now, the fat cat producer wants we taxpayers to provide his obesely budgeted films with more tax incentives. daini, let's start with you on this one. this has got to drive you absolutely crazy. >> to me, hollywood is becoming one of the least trusted institutions or entities in america. here's the thing, though. if he wants to put a shoulder behind this, what he should do, if he's for tax breaks for him, tax breaks for all. right now, there is a possibility, a slim one, but if he could get behind the corporate tax reform both republicans and democrats on the hill want but president obama hasn't approved, the way forward yet, i actually think they could do some good there in hollywood. help themselves while helping the rest of america, including people who buy tickets to movies. >> some of the hypocrisy is he's a big supporter of president obama and hillary clinton, some of the people who like the biggest taxes on the planet. >> he is part of the obedient
2:35 pm
status quo. they're more lock step than a marching band in hollywood. but tax breaks are like anything else. they only should be available to left wing elitists. he loves gun control, but his mansion is probably better protected than benghazi. >> he's on the right side of the issue. there should be tax incentives. they should encourage the movie industry to film there, it's their base. so for once, he's right. >> we agree with that. what about supporting hillary and supporting president obama so vehemently? >> i guess all that support isn't getting him tax breaks. >> move to canada for shooting? >> new orleans. >> and other places because they have been given tax incentives. it's a reasonable case to be made if you want to keep your industry in your state, that's the way to do it. >> big business. how about america? how about open american business environment. lower taxes. >> i agree. >> you think i don't like lower taxes. i'm for a flat tax.
2:36 pm
>> next, parents strike back against the mayor of new york city for kicking children out of their charter schools. dana has the developments coming up.
2:37 pm
2:38 pm
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2:40 pm
new fallout over the decision by new york city mayor bill de blasio to oust three charter schools from public school space. today, the success academy charter school network is filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against the mayor. here's reaction from fox news contributor deroy murdoch. >> i think he's turned himself into the george wallace of the 21st century. he's standing in the school house door the same way gorgeous wallace did in the 1960s. he said he's standing up for blacks and hispanics, and he's denying them the chance to get
2:41 pm
ahead in this society. >> de blasio is standing firm. he defended his decision once again this morning. >> i have never been against charter cools. i have to worry about 1.1 million students a year. i care about them. for the 95% of kids in traditional public schools, that's my first obligation. >> but it's not just talking heads who are arguing about this. i wanted to play this clip from a mom and daughter courtesy of the new york daily news. take a look. >> kids are outperforming a lot of schools in the state, and it would be a huge mistake if we pulled the schools that are working for our children. >> i'm pretty sure a great education got mayor de blasio to become a mayor, and i want my chance so i can succeed. >> pretty powerful testimony from parents and students. kimberly, you said you had a lot of feedback this weekend from friends. >> absolutely, and over the last few weeks. moms calling me whose children attend success academy, they're devastated. you have people out there
2:42 pm
marching, comrmercials, press coverage. get angry, get loud. this is an outrage. he's standing on the backs of minority children. 93% minority children attend charter schools. they have a great opportunity for an amazing education. not a system where they have teachers who are unionized and now de blasio, the political hack, is trying to kiss butt on the unions and making good on his promise by closing these charter schools, and everybody in the know knows he's got a big feud with eva maus cuwits who started it, and that's what's behind it. his political archenemy, he's being small minded. he's hurting the kids. shame on him. he can't be thrown out of office soon enough. >> as of friday, he was down to a 39% approval rating. the questions of his motivations about whether or not he cares for kids, maybe we should set that aside. i think he said it well this morning when he was on morning joe talking ability that. what are your feelings about the politics of this? nervous? >> very rarely have seen a
2:43 pm
politician screw something up like this. look, we're now talking about this guy being against charter schools. the fact of the matter dpaesh. >> or against children. >> or against children. he allowed 14 out of 17 charter schools to remain where they were, and he said he would take the other three and put them someplace else. the problem is he let the story get out in front of him. he got the payoff to the unions and the rest of it. he probably doesn't like the charter schools. but the story got running away with itself, and he did not control it. at least he could have said, why are we closing the three schools? >> in the time we have remaining, you love the story. why? >> here's what happened this morning. understand, kimberly is right. de blasio really screwed this up. he took a shot at charter schools in favor of the other schools, the teachers unions and what not. cuomo called him out on that, governor cuomo called him out. was going to pay for the charter schools to stay open, and de blasio was painted in a corner. he goes to morning joe and says help me out of this bag i'm in
2:44 pm
right now. water this down so i can work my way out, and they spend the first ten minutes sloppy wet kisses with de blasio before anyone asks a tough question. they finally get down to the charter schools and he has nowhere to go. he double talks these two people for a long time. and towards the end, they get to the point. charter schools are outperforming regular schools in new york city in math and reading by a long shot. so bill de blasio, what are you going to do? at which point, he says i'll take a look at this. what msnbc has done for him is let him out of the corner he painted himself in. it was disgusting. >> can i get greg in here? i want greg to be able to say one thing in the segment. so i'll turn it over to you. >> big message here is once again, the greater good anileilates the present now. de blasio as a militant left winger has harmed more children than measles and skateboards combined. if you look at theidiousy also
2:45 pm
in not just de blasio who is an idiot, look at the new york voter who saw 20 years of prosperity, and instead of embracing those policies, they said let's do the opposite. essentially, it's like somebody getting cures of cancer and taking up smoking. >> it's not as if they had candidates to vote for. >> that's true, but anything is better than de blasio. a fern could be better than de blasio. >> told you -- >> we have to go. >> i had a campaign put together for you. you backed off. >> he was afraid he would win. still ahead, an investigation that might make you rethink the amount of personal information you enter online. details next on "the five." [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage.
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the privacy of your home, you might think you're alone, but private companies are tracking your every move. here's 60 minutes explaining the process. >> are people putting this together and making dossiers? >> absolutely. >> with names attached to them, with personal identification? >> the dossiers are about individuals. that's the whole point of these dossiers. it is information that is
2:50 pm
individually identified to an individual or linked to an individual. >> do you think most people know this information is being collected? >> i think most people have no idea that it's being collected and sold. >> the ceo of data mining company epsilon said this information gathering is a key part of the economy and consumers should understand the risk. dana, should we understand the risk? >> we don't believe those happen within our company and we would be the first to raise our hands and say there are specific uses of data that are problematic, then the government should focus on those particular uses of data, not attempt to regulate the entire industry in a way that could cripple our economy. >> you're saying any kind of regulation on this could cripple the economy? >> i am. i think the consumers ought to understand that the internet is an advertising median. >> i didn't ask you the question, i asked dana the question.
2:51 pm
shut up. d deign, what do you think? >> it's meant to cause alarm and reaction of concern. i can understand that, but i also find some of the products are very helpful. and for example, when i go grocery shopping, they say, do you want the list from last week? this is the kind of thing you like? i'm like, yes, i want that every week. it helps me as a consumer. i'm a little more comfortable with this than 60 minutes would like me to be. >> gregory, you don't like be tracked on anything? >> i don't mind it because, you know, it's easier for me to shop for ceramic unicorns and satin shorty robes. they come up like that. it's funny. young people are bred on thethe sharing everything about yourselves. it's no longer a violation if you're violating yourself. they don't care. they don't care. >> kimberly, you shop all the time online. >> i like it. >> but everybody knows everything about you. >> i like when i'm on amazon and they make suggestions. they have this whole thing like
2:52 pm
they know me. they know me. >> i don't want them -- here's the thing, i understand they're businesses and this is helpful for a lot of people. but fix this whole thing. give me an opt-out button. these websites, these data collection services, there's three big ones. you have to be able to check the box that says don't do this. don't include my choice. >> like don't call me. >> consumer financial protection bureau has so many safe guards for consumers, how about one more. if i don't want my data collected, don't collect it. >> jay rockefeller of west virginia has introduced a bill to do the same thing. i went out to buy bucks online. nobody bys bucks online. for a year, a pair of bucks came dropping down. >> really? [ male announcer ] it's simple phics...
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2:57 pm
the truth to be acrtd. i have never had a personal body guard, a sickle day in my life. there are security people at nfl games that the nfl employs, and there is always massive security at the olympics, and that is nbc security. >> that's kind of what i said. he spent his life wandering in and out of new york buildings where he's flanked by people who are armed. i was talking about security. people on tv who talk about gun control have the luxury of walking around while other people carry guns. much like we do when we at fox. >> he could have walked down the hall and asked you. >> i know. what's up? >> today, a birthday present. here's a kimberly, kimberly is 29 years old. >> i didn't see that. thank you. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> where did that come from, bob? under the table. >> yeah. that's mine. can i have that one?
2:58 pm
>> unbelievable. >> this is a community cake. >> this is my dream. cookie pizza. >> excellent. are you worried about turning 30? >> no. >> why don't you cram it in his face like when you're going to get married? >> there's time for that. >> very delicious. thank you. >> who's next? >> kg. >> okay. >> i like how bob moves the segment along. >> papa. papa lions, so cute. think lion king. this is a real lion and a guy they were worried about who was going to be fierce, but he met his baby cubs for the first time. the father is named zawadi. and he saw the 6-month-old cubs and he was playing with them, and at first he was annoyed by them because they're boisterous, and then the females started swarming him because they thought he was the mack daddy. isn't it so cute? >> i don't know if that's playful. >> dana? >> did you know that march 10th
2:59 pm
is national middle name pride day? okay. so you should have pride in your middle name because it's the one that your parents gave you that makes your name unique and it's often the more special of the names. i asked everybody here. i'm going to let you go around and tell the five viewers your middle name. >> dana? >> come on. >> thomas. >> ann. >> and andrea's is konstantina, and juan's is antonio. >> and yours? >> marie. your middle name is special. it's a good conversation starter for people. >> yeah, that was great. >> hopefully they have a middle name. >> i'll go quickly. so someone sent me these in the mail. they're amazing. they're lenlss that you put over your smartphone. >> but you need two people. >> you can glue them on. i have a lens cover, so i'm going to snapchat behind the scene pictures.
3:00 pm
fish eye lenses. tell graegraphic lenses. snapchat me. >> the best part of the show was the middle name stuff. that was great, dana. >> you should be in massachusetts. >> never miss an episode of "the five." piecing together clues for what happened to the still missing malaysia airlines flight. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. we begin with an international mystery. how did a giant reliable airplane vanish out of thin air without so much as a trace? nearly three days after the boeing 777 with 239 people onboard disappeared, there is still no sign of debris. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has our lead story tonight. >> as two u.s. destroyers and


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